• Registrations

    The UKFF registration system is available for UK Floorball clubs, teams and players to register with UKFF and is open publicly. You are able to use this system to register a brand new club with UKFF who have not registered before (register here), to register a team participating in one of our 3 adult leagues (South, Midlands & Scotland) or as a non-league team wanting to be a registered member of UKFF without competing in one of the leagues (register here). As a player you can also register yourself as a non-league player (register here) or complete a player registration linked to one our the existing registered teams. If you register as a league player, you have the option to register for whole season or just for one playing day. There is also a choice to register as a student at the reduced license rate, for which you will need to upload a copy of your student ID.

  • Season licenses for U16 players

    Season licenses for U18 players update: hopefully I’ve contacted everybody who has enquired, but for general info!