What is the name of your club?

University of Nottingham Floorball Club

How many teams do you run within the club?


What is the club's story? Tell us about club's history a bit.

The club was founded around 10 years ago by Floorball enthusiast Janis Magons and has steadily grown from there. We are a university based team, which means a quick turnaround of players. However we have grown substantially over the years, increasing our number of members and getting more people involved in the Floorball community.

How do you get new players?

The vast majority of our players are beginners who we recruit at the universities freshers fair. We also strongly encourage existing members to bring along their friends! And every now and then we meet experienced players who we are always keen to incorporate into the team.

What do you think is the biggest challange to run a floorball club in the UK?

The biggest challenge for us is definitely finding floorball matches at an appropriate level. In the UK not many people have heard of floorball and there are not many beginner-level teams like us, so competitive games are often very one sided. Recruiting new members is sometimes hard too as not many people have ever played the sport before.

Do any of your teams participate in some of the UKFF Leagues? If yes which one? How was your last season and how you getting on this season?

We play in the Midlands Leagues. Last season we started off poorly with some heavy defeats but improved massively as the season went on, with help from experienced players and a well drilled formation. Over the summer a huge number of our players graduated so again we have started the season with some heavy defeats as we look to bed in new players; hopefully we can again improve in the second round of fixtures!

Could you name your best players?

We have some very strong alumni players such as James Arter who was a long time coach of the club. Last season our best players were Jim Bridger and Ben Pearson, who orchestrated the team in the league games, and Enrico Ajanic who helped us with some intense training drills.

How do you run your trainings?

Currently we don't have an experienced coach, so training sessions are led by members of the committee. We usually run drills practicing shooting, passing and dribbling for the first half of a session, then play some 5v5 games in the second half.

Every season there are plenty of floorball tournaments abroad, do you join them?

We attempted to join an overseas tournament last summer, but unfortunately we didn't get enough interest from members. In the past we have played abroad.

Do you check other clubs/teams? Do you know what's going on in other teams?

We have some contact with other local university teams and keep up to date with the UKFF page.

What do you think about floorball in the UK?

It is a sport that most UK residents have never heard of, yet there are multiple leagues and a good community. I think it has grown a lot over the past years and the more amateur teams and members that can be encouraged to play the better.

How often do you practice? Are you happy with a venue you use?

We train twice a week at our university sports halls, which are excellent venues.

Tell us more about how you fund your club/team? Do you have any sponsors/partners?

We receive a small budget from the university as well as a small membership fee from players. We currently do not have any sponsors but would welcome any partners no matter how small.

Tell us about yourself please. What is your position in your club?


Would you give any advise to people who want to start a new club?

The primary focus at the beginning should always be on getting as many members are you can! Results and good performances will come later, the foundation of any club should be a large pool of players and friends.

Thank you Oliver.

Nottingham Floorball Club contacts :

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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/UoNFloorball/


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